Locally Famous #FAMEFW2012

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Highlighting local artists, entrepreneurs, and supporters is essential into building a community. Bobbie Vie has been hosting this event twice a year for some time now in tandem to John Agcaoili hosting the fashion show. Its an extraordinary exhibition of … Continue reading

DLRNmusic – First Date

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Shooting artists and rising stars alike, we share one thing in common – love for what we do and the top of your game only brings on new challenges. I’ve had the pleasure of doing a quick collaboration (collab) test … Continue reading

Polygraph with a Camera?

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Taking pictures of loving couples – like stealing candy from one of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loom-pas right? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong (again to emphasize my point). I’ve been taking the occasional engagement pictures here and there because people either love my work or they are … Continue reading


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Ok, I know I’ve disappeared off the face of photography for a little while. A bit of a career and life changes (that’s about as good as the excuse gets..). Fortunately for me I have a great group of supporters … Continue reading

Defying Gold

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It’s been awhile I know! I decided to share and do a little updating with my portfolio. A recent collaboration for Golden Apparel – a coming to an online store near you clothing company! Founded by none other, Stella Tran … Continue reading

Kings, Queens and Jackie

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Among the many that participated in this year’s PureBlendz spokesmodel search, one floated to the top Jackie F. Muse Theory and PureBlendz participated in a quick collaboration. Originally looking to get a headshot for this year’s business cards, but we … Continue reading

Tap This

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Who decides to get sexy on a Wednesday night? TAP-SF or the Taiwanese American Professionals of San Francisco does! In collaboration with Leyina Chen Productions, TAP-SF presented a night of showcasing designs from Swati Couture, Monique Zhang, and Seventy Two Changes … Continue reading

Who Isn’t Insane?

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Crazy people are the ones who stand out – mainly in the bad light, but also good in some cases….let’s be honest, it’s just bad – but soo fun! This past weekend, SOBA Productions held its first videoshoot collaboration, “Identity … Continue reading

Fashion. Tech. Hot Nerds Unite

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Fashion. Tech. Hot nerds unite, and then get photographed. Last night we had the opportunity to hit up Ubergizmo’s Digital Summer 2010, held at Temple in San Francisco. The event on its own was a celebration of up-and-coming fashion, technology, … Continue reading