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Women in Menswear

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What I love about my job is that I get to meet people from all walks of life throughout the Bay Area. What comes along in the package is the privilege and opportunity to discover hidden gems that are right below my nose – in this context, over the Golden Gate Bridge and $4 toll to a small town that goes by the hard to spell name, Sausalito. This event takes place at the famous Gene Hiller Menswear, it was the perfect venue – just take my word for it.

The producer of Miss Italia Nel Mondo USA California, Samantha Ferro put on not only an excellent pageant with a strikingly family-like vibe (its rare).  Her passions are obvious – promoting Italian heritage and culture. A hero in my book to see someone work this hard and sacrifice so much to share this with her community.

Entertainers and guests alike mingled with one another (maybe it was the open bar provided by 2Nite Vodka, but i’m not going to point fingers) Invited some of the most affluent Italian figures in our community as well as some famous performers such as Clarence Clemons – I stopped taking photographs for a moment – the performance was paralyzing and that’s my story!

The contestants we’re also a lot of fun to meet and hang around with. I’m going to skip the details of the pageant and let the event gallery pictures tell their story. It’s a bit obvious who took first place according to the photographs;

The winner of the pageant, Jennifer along the top 5 will be going to the finals in Stamford, Connecticut to compete in the USA finals!

It was an  event you didn’t want to miss. Glad to have had the opportunity to participate as a photographer – would love to do it again. I hope to work with everyone I’ve met during the event including the entertainers, contestants, and venue soon! Enthusiasm is so contagious! :)

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