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JoJo n' MoFo

This past weekend I had the opportunity to briefly work with Jordan Leigh, a well known model out here in the Bay Area on a mini photo shoot for Monster Fortune (MoFO) an apparel company. I wasn’t the official photog, but I was the creative lead and had the opportunity to work with 3 photographers; Daniel Kim, Minh Nguyen, and Jeff Matsuyama on this particular shoot – needless to say, they’re pretty good! I cheated and took 10 of my own frames, it’s in my heart to take photos. You can’t take away eucalyptus leaves from a koala bear right? Bad analogy, but I’m going to leave that there. I posted just one for kicks (above), but I can’t wait to see what the other photographers have produced. The location was luck in my opinion, if you can guess where we were at, I may send you a candy bar. There was enough rugged props and lots of great colors and contrasts with the environment which made it fun to shoot. Just needed a good reflector, but we got creative without it. The photo shoot itself was super fun and Jordan definitely wasn’t shy and threw in her own set of spices into the session. The attitude of the cast makes all the difference in getting great photographs. Stay tuned for updates on additional photos by the other photographers.

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