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Polygraph with a Camera?

Taking pictures of loving couples – like stealing candy from one of Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loom-pas right? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong (again to emphasize my point). I’ve been taking the occasional engagement pictures here and there because people either love my work or they are in desperate need of a photographer-friend that promised them a really good deal when he was intoxicated at a party over a year ago. I personally prefer the first, but I’m not afraid to acknowledge the truth too [insert chuckle here]. What I have discovered is that photographs do not lie in my line of work (this only applies to engagement and wedding photos!)

During my photo picking process, the most delicate part of my job. Watching you look at each other, where your hands are, lip expressions,  and even your nose flares – I’m looking to find a story. If there is no conviction in each other that I see – it’s cut.

When I take pictures of couples or two people that think they should belong together, they should be in ‘love’ by this point. Finding the little giveaways; the smile, a comfortable holding of hands, and even the most candid of glances into each other tells me it’s a beautiful story and its going to be a lot of fun. I’ve attached a few pictures of my most recent shoot with Philip and Sophy (yes, they were the culprits that used Hennessy to get this photo deal).  It took virtually little to no guidance to capture what I believe that there is so much more beyond this photograph of an almost kiss.

If the pair is truly in love, its amazing to work at capturing these split second moments. Unfortunately, it’s just as transparent if you think you’re in love. It’s hard to fake love in my opinion from behind the lens. Old saying is probably true – photos don’t lie.

Photographer Tip: If you’re having this sort of trouble, take a lot of pictures where they aren’t the focus. Use other elements to defocus from their facial expressions (because its probably fake). Do shots where facial expressions are minimized. A good example is have them hold hands and walk away from you while touching lips (I’m not calling it kissing for context). Not saying these are tell-tale signs of fake-love, but shots you as a photographer should concentrate on.

The Not-Really in Love Couple Tip: Plan a get away and fall back in love… or acting classes if you’re short on time.

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